Homeowners / Condo Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Whether you own or rent, we know that your home is a major investment, both financially and emotionally. In Life anything can happen- and usually does. Unfortunately, you never know how good your insurance is until you have to make a claim. By then it may be too late if something happens to your home or property. Homes come in all styles and ages condominiums, co-ops, century-old landmarks and newly built structures. This why we at MSG Personal Lines Agency, LLC are committed to making sure we tailor an "All Risk" Homeowner's Insurance Program that specifically addresses your coverage needs that will make you whole after a claim occurs. Our coverage philosophy differs from the standard carriers that offer minimal or limited coverage for such things as, "Rebuilding costs"; Personal Property Replacement and "Loss of use coverage". Below are examples of coverage highlights our carriers automatically include:

Rebuilding Costs

In many instances, your coverage can enable you to rebuild on-site to match the exceptional building quality of your home—including unique and historic residences—even if doing so exceeds your policy limits.

Contents Replacement

Damaged personal property can be repaired or replaced with new item(s), without deductions for depreciation.

Additional Living Expenses

If your home becomes uninhabitable, you can be reimbursed for necessary increases in living expenses; includes loss of income if the home is rented.

Back-up of Sewers and Drains

You're covered for physical damage caused by the back-up or overflow of sewers, drains or sump pumps on your property. Protection extends up to your policy limit without special deductibles.

Cash Settlement Options

If you're faced with the total loss of your property, you can receive a cash settlement rather than rebuild on-site.

Damage Caused by Domestic Pets

Repair or replace items damaged by Fido or Fluffy. This useful coverage typically is excluded from other homeowners' policies.

Landscaping Coverage

This broad, flexible coverage is ideal for those with elaborate gardens.

Additional Risk Management Resources:

  • On-site residential inspections- Conducted by the carriers to determine the replacement value prior to a claim.
  • Protection from water damage- Leaks are one of the most common causes of property damage, but with proper guidance you can lessen your home's vulnerability.
  • Hurricane Protection Unit- We help coastal homeowners prepare effectively for hurricane season, and minimize the impact of wind and water on their properties after a major storm.
  • Wildfire Protection Unit- If you live in an area prone to wildfires, this service provides an added layer of protection throughout the season.
  • Historic home protection- Experts in historic preservation and architectural history can provide advice on loss prevention and documentation.
  • Engineering services for large estates- Specialized inspections help minimize the risk of property damage as a result of mechanical or equipment failure.
  • Thermography services- In-depth examinations using an infrared camera can identify prior or potential electric or water damage problems.
  • Background checks on private staff- Ensure that those with access to your loved ones and property are both qualified and credible.