Yacht / Watercraft Insurance


If you own a small sail boat or a Mega Yacht to relax and entertain family and friends either domestically or abroad. Many standard companies impose constraints or limitation on when you can or cannot use your watercraft. We understand that flexibility of travel dates and areas are key factors in enjoying your journey. Our carriers provide the broadest terms and conditions with word wide coverage capabilities to assure you; your guests, captain and crew are properly protected.

"All Risk" Coverage

Our yacht policy provides broad coverage for virtually all types of risks.

Worldwide Navigational Limits

We have the capacity to insure pre-defined or worldwide navigational limits based on your specific cruising plans.

Higher Hull Limits

Coverage can be tailored for all types of watercraft, from small boats to super yachts.

Property Coverage

Our comprehensive coverage not only protects your yacht in the event of a loss, but also covers items such as tenders, fine art, personal property and furnishings at separate, lower deductibles.

Protection and Indemnity (P&I)

Damages that you or any other insured person are legally liable to pay related to bodily injury or property damage (up to the P&I limit on your policy). In addition, defense costs are covered above and beyond your P&I limit.

Newly Acquired Yachts

Newly purchased tenders and yachts are automatically covered for 30 days after the date of purchase (for both hull and P&I coverage).

Crew Coverage

P&I coverage for crew claims under the Federal Jones Act or similar laws of other nations.

Additional Risk Management Resources:

  • Hurricane preparedness reviews- Loss prevention specialists can review your hurricane preparedness plan, and provide recommendations and contacts for quality service providers in your area.
  • Safe harbor, dry dock and repair consultations- We can connect you to best-in-class facilities if you are cruising, out of port or faced with a storm.
  • Yacht safety awareness material- From post-accident guidance to towing tips, our library of safety and security materials will help your family and crew stay well informed.
  • Safety at Sea awareness programs-We can present security, fire and general safety tips, and review advancements in search and rescue technology and equipment.
  • Additional services for large yachts- When warranted, we offer more in-depth risk management consultations related to electrical and mechanical equipment, onboard art collections, crew members, security and more.