Identity Theft and Fraud

Should you fall victim to identity theft or fraud, we can help you get reimbursed; recover or recreate personal identification; retrieve documents; and contact credit agencies. We can also do the work of repairing your credit rating and provide ongoing monitoring.


Technology has a dark side, as the online assets of elite families continue to be targeted. Should you suffer financial losses from cybercrime, extortion, or malware, we can help. If, for instance, you keep large balances in financial account, your home networks may be less secure than corporate networks. We can help you plug tech leaks. We can also make sure you you’re covered through a homeowner’s, or supplemental policy. Expect coverage with responsive limits to accommodate significant personal assets.

Solutions for Private-Staff Employers

Should you hire private staff for a home, office, or yacht, we provide a full range of what’s called Employment Practices Liability Insurance, and Workers’ Compensation/Disability. Generally, this coverage protects you against claims should employees get hurt; and in the extreme, if they’re not able to continue working. Policies can be customized to suit your exact needs.

Kidnapping, Ransom, and Extortion

This is a key area where risk mitigation discussed in advance brings greater peace of mine. Proper coverage can help reduce the likelihood you’ll be targeted for ransom, extortion, wrongful detention, or hijacking. At the least, limits of up to $50 million are available. We also train clients so you can avoid making you or your family vulnerable.

Recreational Vehicles

Conventional insurance firms can’t always issue policies for unusual assets like recreational vehicles. Should you own this kind of pleasure “toy,” whether registered or not, you’ll would need to secure independent coverage, or add coverage to an existing excess-liability policy.

Director/Officer Liability

As a director or officer in a for-profit, or non-profit, organization, we suggest you confirm your coverage in the event you’re personally sued in this capacity. Typically, non-profit liability claims are for wrongful dismissal, discrimination, or other employment-law violations. A claim may be filed against the organization, an administrator, and/or officer. Insurance provides coverage for the organization, as well as past, present, and future officers, and members of the board of directors We’re happy to review current coverage to explore any deficiencies.

Gentleman’s Ranch and Equine Coverage

Should you own a large ranch with hundreds of acres, we can insure your assets separate from your homeowner policy. We typically provide coverage for scheduled farm personal property, irrigation, outbuildings, and more. We also cover comprehensive equine risks which include: tack, barns, outbuildings, animal dwellings, arenas, feed, machinery, equipment, hay, and trucks.

Travel and Leisure

Should you travel frequently for business or pleasure, we suggest you explore Travel Security and Emergency Medical-Services coverage. You’d be protected for emergency-medical transportation, trip cancellations or interruptions, and travel accidents. You’d also be granted access to worldwide concierge service, as well as a multi-lingual team with local resources to assist you in any way.