If your property is exposed to extreme losses due to natural or human disaster—floods, wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, and more—it’s considered “catastrophically exposed.” Understanding special deductibles, and coverage sub-limits, is an important part of how we can help you manage your risk long term. Ideally, limits, terms, and deductibles should align with your overall risk tolerance. And you can rarely “self-insure” in this context. So planning ahead, and securing the right coverage, can often lessen the ravages of fire, water, and wind on your financial world.

Defense Systems. Fires and floods have a life of their own. They behave in particular and unpredictable ways. We know—because we’ve brought clients through these disasters time after time. With offices on both coasts, we’re versed in risk factors related to fire and floods that other firms don’t often see.


Many of our insurance carriers partner with professionals trained in disaster intervention and relief. Here’s an example of how a covered wildfire-defense system can work on your behalf:

  • Before wildfire season, your home is inspected, and recommendations issued as to how you can best protect your property.
  • As fire approaches, fire professionals work with you to defend your home.
  • Once the fire is out, combustible materials and fire-blocking gels are removed, while relocated items of value are returned.
  • Those at the scene can also help you process claims if your home has been damaged.


Flooding. As veterans in the “disaster” space, and with clients in diverse regions, we understand the “local.” For instance, in partnership with our carriers, we work with trained, elite companies that can deliver “pre-season” hurricane preparedness.

Services include:

  • Evacuation planning
  • Relocating cars, high-value property, and outdoor furniture
  • Securing vegetation
  • Installing window-shutter systems

“Post-storm” response support is focused on restoring your life as quickly as possible. Services include:

  • Communicating with homeowners who have evacuated
  • Evaluating damage to a home once it’s safe to do so
  • Short-term repairs to windows, roofs, and doors

Given global climate disruption, managing and mitigating property risk demands a particular skill set, and deep knowledge of specialized insurance markets. At MSGPLA, our experience gives us a unique advantage. We’ve spent years fostering our carrier relationships so we’re able to secure innovative, best-in-class coverage for countless high-asset clients in vulnerable locales. We make sure policies are structured so lifestyles and assets are genuinely protected.