Home and Excess Liability

Homeowner/Condo Insurance

“Your home is a castle,” as the old saying goes. Whether you own or rent, luxury homes are a major investment. And like medieval castles, they deserve a smart defense in the age of climate disruption which can bring unexpected floods, fires, hurricanes, and more. We’ve spent years helping the world’s elite find smart ways to protect assets and quality of life—especially for our many clients living on the water.

No one expects disaster. And you never know the worth of your coverage until you’re forced to make a claim. For us, homes come in all shapes and size—condos, co-ops, centuries-old landmarks, and newly built luxury apartments.

That’s why we tailor an All-Risk Homeowner’s Insurance Program to your needs, so you’ll be made whole should disaster strike.

We anticipate how, for example, weather, local regulations, or economic conditions could have an impact on your lifestyle. As such, we’ll explore the right insurance market for your needs. Consider typical coverage from our carrier partners:

Guaranteed Rebuilding Costs

Rebuild to match the original quality of unique and historic residences—even if doing so exceeds your policy limits.

Replacing Contents

Repair or replace damaged personal property with new items without depreciation deductions.

Cash Benefits

If you can’t live in your home because of a disaster, the additional living expenses you incur securing a replacement home will be covered.

Laws and Ordinances

Should local codes, laws, and ordinances require homeowners to make improvements, these costs are typically not covered by standard homeowner policies.

Overlooked Coverage

You’ll be covered for damage caused by back-up, or overflow, of sewers, drains or sump pumps, as well as “ensuing mold” on your property. Landscaping coverage is likewise ideal for elaborate gardens.

Cash-Out Options

Should you face total property loss, you can receive a cash settlement if you choose not to rebuild.

Additional Homeowner Resources

We can help you be more proactive so you can secure assets, while making some insurance policies less necessary. For instance, through our carrier networks, we can help advise on leak detection, hurricane preparation, and wildfire defense. In a word, information, education, and preparation become cost-effective, while delivering peace of mind.

Excess Liability (”Umbrella Coverage”)

We’re not just focused on preserving your wealth, protecting your lifestyle, and controlling your exposure. For those who are successful, we offer the gold standard in sophisticated risk mitigation and management. We understand that the more you own, the greater the chance you could be sued, and your financial life compromised. You might be forced to access cash reserves and retirement funds, or liquidate assets should you face a legal judgment.

If you own a home or pool, drive a car, have children away at school, employ domestic staff, host parties, post online, or serve on a non-profit board, in a matter of seconds, scenarios can create long-term litigation and medical bills:

  • A young guest at your home dives into the shallow end of your pool and suffers devastating paralysis. You are sued for $3,000,000.
  • On a rainy night, you slide into the oncoming lane and strike another vehicle. Passengers in the vehicle you hit suffer serious injuries, including quadriplegia and death. You are sued for $10,000,000.

Our Excess Liability policy supplements basic liability coverage you might have through car, home, or watercraft policies. The standard-liability limit in many homeowner policies, for example, is $300,000. If someone’s hurt on your property, and awarded damages above that limit, you’re personally responsible, including legal fees. Excess liability is critical, and often overlooked as a vital component of managing risk. This coverage is relatively inexpensive, and doesn’t come into play until underlying policy limits have been exhausted.

Life happens.
Give us a call to learn about coverage terms and limits, competitive premiums, and more.