Insurance can feel complex and technical. Explaining policies, demystifying the insurance world, and putting clients at ease is a mainstay. We’re pleased to service clients with a deep bench of solutions and operational expertise. This training stems from our work as former insurance-agency owners; from our relationships with large carrier networks; and from our tenure as current principals of one of North America’s largest risk-management consulting firms.

A Careful Review

Rooted in our start as corporate risk managers, we also believe that “contractual risk transference” is one of the most overlooked, and important, methods, of managing personal risk. Before we secure policy proposals and quotes, we need to understand any risk you face through third-party agreements, contracts, and policies. These can include, say, construction agreements for new builds or renovations, the fine print on a yacht charter, or terms for a vacation rental.

We consider existing commitments to better analyze and transfer your risk. This helps us perform comprehensive due diligence to make sure you’re fully informed as to all potential exposures.  We’ll even take it a step further, and review the insurance policies of any vendor delivering services to make sure you’re covered should their actions expose you to a lawsuit.

Genuine Client Partnership

For us, clients are more than “policies.” We anticipate every unique exposure so you’re fully protected. At MSGPLA, on your behalf, we’re singular in how we create a whole-life portrait from the start. The depth of our collective training makes this approach possible. Collectively, our founders merge a varied wealth of insights from related insurance channels that includes brokerage, consulting, and personal risk management.