Holistic Methods

To best protect clients, we go farther. From the start, we use a total risk-management approach that starts with in-depth conversation. Unlike competitors, we carefully analyze your exposures. We then create a Risk-Profile Assessment (RPA), which organizes critical your critical data, present and future. From there, we build out a custom risk-management program.

Risk Transfer

The lives of wealthy clients have a lot of moving parts. From the start, we make sure clients are fully informed as to all potential exposures. “Contractual risk transfer” is one critical approach, and often overlooked. Before we tap our carrier relationships for the right policies and quotes, we look at all your relevant third-party contracts, policies, and agreements. These can include the fine print on condominium by-laws, construction agreements for new builds or renovations, or a private-jet charter. Our job is performing due diligence at the highest levels. So we stay up to date on your existing contracts to best help you analyze and manage risk.

We also work to make sure that commitments made to you by third parties are being satisfied. We’ll review the “hold harmless and indemnification provisions” (from an insurance perspective), and make sure the insurance policies of your vendors and contractors align with their obligations to you.

Thorough Research

When insurance is the best avenue, we approach the market for options. We speak the language of underwriters, and can present your risk in the most accurate, and favorable light. This helps us secure the maximum coverage and limits available, as well as the competitive premiums.