Likewise, as an affluent athlete or entertainer, you’re not just wealthy. You’re famous. This presents unique challenges when it comes to mitigating, and managing, your risk. For instance, you might get injured on the playing field. Or an accident or illness forces you to cancel lucrative film, TV, and stage contracts.

An aggressive travel schedule may also leave your home(s) exposed to theft, as your destinations are often known. Kidnapping and extortion attempts are not uncommon. Unfortunately, conventional insurance companies hesitate to cover sports-and-entertainment personalities due to these, and other, heightened threats.

Coverage When It Matters

At MSGPLA, unlike many of our competitors, we’re experts at the tough stuff, at getting coverage for the “hard to insure.” As a first step, we conduct a Risk-Profile Assessment to determine where you might be vulnerable. We’d then develop a thorough, long-term, personal risk-management plan to address all liabilities at appropriate limits. As veterans in the insurance space, through deep carrier relationships, we can secure custom, responsive polices for rare and unusual exposures, anywhere in the world, at competitive rates.